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New Release—Flight of Passion

Date: May 12th, 2017, Posted by mollie

Flight of passion and a change of season…

change of season

Hello from New Zealand!

Happy May! It’s gorgeous Autumn here in the Southern Hemisphere and lucky you if you live on top of the world to be enjoying beautiful spring and heading into summer. I adore these transformational changes of seasons. The old makes way for the new and is always accompanied by a sweeping breath of fresh air.

So it’s not a surprise that with all this invigorating energy writing my new book has been a lot of fun! I flew into Flight of Passion with joy and love—and incredible productivity. And it has paid off! I’ve been blessed by some outstanding help from advanced readers and amazed by the incredible feedback.

Blank white book w/path

Flight of Passion is a rapturous tale of beauty, obsession and the transformational power of unconditional love. Here’s a little bit more about my new release:

Devastatingly handsome Oliver Hart is used to getting what he wants. Single, thirty-five and a committed bachelor, he plays by his own rules. On a personal quest to catch a rare, elusive and very valuable butterfly, he’s unwittingly distracted by a former flame, Ruby Diaz—a woman who callously abandoned him eight years earlier.

Deciding he wants to reclaim the beauty as his own, in his mind, it’s as good as done.

But Ruby is not his for the taking. Promised to the son of a wealthy landowner, she refuses to succumb to his charms. On a quest to save her family’s land, Ruby knows she must put duty first, and silence the passionate stirrings of her heart. But Oliver doesn’t make things easy for her. He’s not taking no for an answer.

Risking everything to help the woman he loves to gain her freedom, Oliver entangles himself in an emotional net that alters his life forever. Sacrificing his own selfish pursuit to help Ruby, he realizes that you may be able to own something, but you can never own someone—especially the women you love.

Have you ever wanted to be with someone who sent your heart soaring but threatens your sense of security? Someone who lifts you clear out of the water, but you’re not sure will be around to catch you when you fall head over heels in love? Or do you know what it’s like to sacrifice your own needs to put others first? Then you’ll love this heart-warming romance. 

This is a standalone clean & wholesome romance novel. It’s also Book One in my new True Love series. It contains a guaranteed HEA and a tale of romance that will capture your heart. As an added gift, it also includes the first chapter of Mollie Mathews’ prior novel The Italian Billionaire’s Scandalous Marriage and a sneak peek into Claimed by the Sheikh, absolutely FREE!

full of passion


Curl up with this beautiful romance. Get your copy now! T


To grab your copy from Amazon, click here>>

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Flight of Passion is also available in audio—narrated by me:)

Here are some more of the 5-star reviews:

“Fast paced, heart-wrenching, completely unexpected twists, excellent storyline, and a hell of a good read.”

“This book is a carefully crafted, truly original story. Mollie’s wonderfully descriptive narrative paints a picture in which it is easy to lose oneself. A touching and heart-warming book, well worth a read.”

“I fell in love with Ruby and Oliver, they are so good for each other, but both are so filled with garbage that their families filled them with, that they can’t see what’s in front of them. And when they finally realize that diamonds don’t have a hold to what they had, they are about to lose it. The butterflies remind me of how ethereal life is and it is up to us to not waste it, but live the fullest and best we can.”

“If you like a romance of the Romeo and Juliet ‘starcrossed’ lovers kind, get this book. Mollie spins a lovely tale set in exotic climes and lifts us out of our own reality while we travel a twisting journey with Oliver and Ruby.”


Here’s some more evidence that in the end love and joy always win!  At the time of writing this newsletter Flight of Passion is #1 in two categories for contemporary romance. No easy feat with so much competition.

The night prior to waking to this beautiful news I promised to give myself a break from the computer. But when I woke up I had a strong hunch….and I was rewarded! I never expected in my wildest dreams to get #1 in both categories! But I didn’t do it alone!  So many people have helped me including the fabulous Beta and Advance readers who loved this book and have written glowing 5-star reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

Oh my gosh! Look how beautiful the cover for the print edition is. 

Screen Shot of Cover

When I first saw it, it took my breath away. 

Flight of passion is a beautiful heart-warming, clean romance—no swearing, no sex…just love, with all the hurdles you have to overcome.

J.K. Rowling is right when she says, “In the end, love wins, we know it does.” You’ll learn how Ruby and Oliver, my second chance lovers, win their HEA in the end.



“Everyone is like a butterfly, they start out ugly and awkward and then morph into beautiful graceful butterflies that everyone loves.” ~ Drew Barrymore

“Metamorphosis surely isn’t a pleasant experience for the caterpillar, yet it results in the transcendent beauty of the butterfly.” ~ Anon

Do you have any favorite butterfly quotes? Do let me know—I’m collecting them.


Mollie –

It’s a beautiful book. You should be very proud of being able to write it. I read a lot of books— lately, it’s been about one a day, and you have a different way of writing. When you read it you can feel the passion. You put your all into it. You’re not writing to get it done but, to let us know the beautiful story you have in you.

~ Rita K

Thank you all my readers who write to me through email. I treasure these messages and I read every letter that comes in. If you would like to send me a letter and possibly be my next featured reader you can email my guestbook at


To grab your copy from Amazon, click here>>

To grab your copy from iBooks, Barnes & Noble and other great bookstores, click here>>

To grab your copy from Kobo, click here>>

Flight of Passion is also available in audio—narrated by me:)

Happy reading in May!

Much love


This is a photo of me at the New Zealand Romance Writers conference in 2015 with screenwriting expert MICHAEL HAUGE. Michael Hauge is a top Hollywood story expert, author, and lecturer who consults with writers, filmmakers, marketers, attorneys and public speakers throughout the world. One of the few authentically good teachers out there who I’ve been lucky enough to study with.


Mich and I

P.S. Consider purchasing Flight of Passion as a last-minute or extra gift for Mother’s Day, or for someone who loves beautiful true stories of love and romance

P.P.S. Please feel free to share this with any friends who might enjoy my books.

This was an earlier version of the cover—I thought you may like a sneak peek 🙂 I love the final version I chose, don’t you:)

earlier version Flight of Passion

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Some interesting things you may not know about butterflies

Date: May 8th, 2017, Posted by mollie

I love butterflies—who doesn’t? I love them so much I created a love story, suitably named Flight of Passion, in which they play a starring role. Here’s a sneak peek at the super gorgeous cover for the print version, designed by the mega talented designer Hang-Le.

Business owner and artist Hang Le creates dynamic images, cover designs, and branding for a diverse group of clients. With more than 10 years experience in film, theatre, and interior design, Hang Le makes every project personal and every book comes alive. She certainly made the cover for Flight of Passion soar with dazzling vitality.

Screen Shot of Cover
Flight of Passion is a rapturous tale of beauty, obsession, and unconditional love’s transformational power. You can learn more about this book here, or check out a sample and purchase a copy on Amazon here
I’m so thankful to fellow romance writer Anna Campbell for recommending Hang Le. Anna writes historical romance, and I have always loved Anna’s sizzlingly sensuous stories and her beautiful covers. Passion inspires passion.
One reviewer on Goodreads shared how she was intrigued by the fact the book could easily transfer to a historical era and how she loved learning about butterflies and enjoying the love story.
I have written a Regency version of this romance—which I adore. I’ll have to finish that book. But for now…

Here are some interesting things you may not know about butterflies

  • Some can travel all the way from Canada to NZ.
  • Many live for only two days, others for several months, and some hibernate over winter to reappear again in the spring.
  • Male butterflies are more colourful than female butterflies.
  • They don’t just feed on flowers. Some prefer rotting and smelly things.
  • Butterflies don’t grow. Once they are born their size stays the same.
  • Many have warning colours and patterns to deter potential predators from wanting to eat them.
  • The wing patterns are made up of hundreds and thousands of tiny scales which, under a powerful microscope look like roof tiles.
“I absolutely love, love butterflies and Mollie’s descriptive language made me see them as brilliantly colored as I imagined them to be!”
~ Goodreads 5-star review

Read the first three chapters for FREE

Much love


P.S. Curl up with Flight of Passion today

To grab your copy from Amazon, click here>>

To grab your copy from iBooks, Barnes & Noble and other great bookstores, click here>>

To grab your copy from kobo, click here>>







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A new excerpt from Flight of Passion—just for you

Date: May 4th, 2017, Posted by mollie



Book One of the True Love duet.

What happens when you come face-to-face with the person you always loved but can never have? Read to find out!

This is the first book in Mollie Mathews True Love series. Sign up to Mollie’s newsletter, receive the first three chapters of Flight of Passion for FREE


I hope you enjoy this short excerpt from Flight of Passion—it’s just for you



Oliver wasn’t sure what prompted him. He wasn’t foolish enough to dance with danger. He hadn’t intended to take things this far. Normally his emotions were tightly controlled. But as he gazed into Ruby’s face instinct took over. He touched his tongue to his lips, narrowed his eyes, moved toward her, one thing in mind.

Her eyes widened and her soft, sensuous lips parted, staring at his mouth uncertainly. A soft salmon blush settled upon her cheeks. Ruby’s body moved toward him involuntarily. Desirous, yearning, needy.

“I must go,” she said thickly, as though forcing herself to fight the physical magnetism he was exerting.

He leaned toward her. “You can’t help what you feel,” Oliver murmured in his low, seductive voice. “You want to taste me as much as I want to taste you.”

His face came closer, his eyes commanding hers with relentless purpose.

“Oliver…I…I can’t,” she stammered, pushing him gently as he approached.

His eyes narrowed sensuously as his gaze lingered on her throat, on her heaving breasts, on her trembling body, filled with passion—and with promise.

Ruby shrunk back, hard against the wall. He lifted an arm, placing his palm firmly on the wall near her ear.

“I’ve missed you,” he whispered, bringing his lips to within centimeters of hers.

He could feel the electrical charge that unified and ignited their bodies. He could hear the quickening gasps of breath.

He inhaled her familiar scent, savoring memories of the steamy sex they’d once enjoyed. Eight years later he could still smell her sweet musky essence after that night of lovemaking. He could still hear her moans of pleasure. He could still feel her body tense as ecstasy sent ripples through her body.

He wanted to turn back the hands of destiny, to reclaim the time lost to them. One minute he was leaning toward her, and the next he was lost in a tropical utopian dream. Soft, sensual, vibrant, surrounded by fragrant breezes and the feel of the warm earth beneath his bare feet.

Ruby let out a breathy sigh just before his lips touched hers. So softly, so gently, he wasn’t sure if it was real. He felt her body stiffen, then tremble as she folded into him.

He moaned as Ruby’s slender arms draped around his neck. His mouth sought hers with a slow deliberation that eased the throb of need deep within him. Gently he took her top lip in his mouth and softly sucked it, slowly savoring her taste. He opened his mouth to drink more of her intoxicating elixir. She opened for him, tasting of honey and paradise.

With a touch like a butterfly, he kissed her eyelids, then softly brushed her cheeks with his lips. He held her neck gently in his hands, caressed the tips of her earlobes with his lips, blew soft kisses in her ear.

Ruby’s whole being vibrated in wild response to his. He sensed she was utterly helpless to stop him doing anything he wanted with her.

His hands slid under her silky dress, stroking the smooth skin of her back. He pressed her closer until he felt the pounding beat of her heart against his chest.

The sounds of the music rising, rhythmic humming and people chattering as they partied below could barely be heard over the roar of longing in his heart.

They remained close as though frozen in a moment. He closed his eyes and marveled at how wonderful it was to be with her again. Her kisses quenched his thirst, watered the dry, barren, parched wasteland of his life.

Her sensual touch provided a welcome tonic for the boring monotony of soulless encounters.

He felt the flutter of the cool air on his face, streaming through the vents, heard the faint sound of a musician, acoustic guitar in hand, strumming songs of love. And lost himself in mindless enchantment. Then, he felt a shove to his chest.

“Stealing a kiss may not be immoral in your mind, but you and I both know you don’t give a damn about who you hurt, or whose life you ruin,” she said, projecting the guilt and anger she felt at her own weakness onto him, as she opened the door and fled.

“You can’t lie to yourself, not for long,” he said, his voice a dark prophecy, chasing after her as she fled.

“Forget it. Forget me. Forget us,” she cried.




Blank white book w/path

To grab your copy from Amazon, click here>>

To grab your copy from iBooks, Barnes & Noble and other great bookstores, click here>>

To grab your copy from kobo, click here>>







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