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Audiobook New Release: Flight of Passion

Date: April 20th, 2020, Posted by mollie

Flight of passion and a change of season…

Dear Readers,

Hello from my bubble in New Zealand!
It’s gorgeous Autumn here in the Southern Hemisphere. While we’re still in lockdown it’s a lovely time of year. I adore these transformational changes of seasons. The old makes way for the new and is always accompanied by a sweeping breath of fresh air. Let’s hope it sweeps the virus away!So it’s no surprise that with all this invigorating energy narrating the audiobook of one of my favourite stories has been a lot of fun! I flew into Flight of Passion with joy and love—and incredible productivity. And it’s paid off!

After much delay, the audiobook is now available from Audible and other retailers.

Flight of Passion is a rapturous tale of beauty, obsession and the transformational power of unconditional love. Here’s a little bit more about my new release:

Devastatingly handsome Oliver Hart is used to getting what he wants. Single, thirty-five and a committed bachelor, he plays by his own rules. On a personal quest to catch a rare, elusive and very valuable butterfly, he’s unwittingly distracted by a former flame, Ruby Diaz—a woman who callously abandoned him eight years earlier.

Deciding he wants to reclaim the beauty as his own, in his mind, it’s as good as done.

But Ruby is not his for the taking. Promised to the son of a wealthy landowner, she refuses to succumb to his charms. On a quest to save her family’s land, Ruby knows she must put duty first, and silence the passionate stirrings of her heart. But Oliver doesn’t make things easy for her. He’s not taking no for an answer.

Risking everything to help the woman he loves to gain her freedom, Oliver entangles himself in an emotional net that alters his life forever. Sacrificing his own selfish pursuit to help Ruby, he realizes that you may be able to own something, but you can never own someone—especially the women you love.

Have you ever wanted to be with someone who sent your heart soaring but threatens your sense of security? Someone who lifts you clear out of the water, but you’re not sure will be around to catch you when you fall head over heels in love? Or do you know what it’s like to sacrifice your own needs to put others first? Then you’ll love this heart-warming romance.

This is a standalone clean & wholesome romance novel. It’s also Book One in my True Love series. It contains a guaranteed HEA and a tale of romance that will capture your heart. 

Curl up with this beautiful romance and escape COVID-19.
Written and narrated by me:)








I’ve been blessed by the incredible feedback. Thank you!

Here are some more of the 5-star reviews:

“Fast-paced, heart-wrenching, completely unexpected twists, excellent storyline, and a hell of a good read.”

“This book is a carefully crafted, truly original story. Mollie’s wonderfully descriptive narrative paints a picture in which it is easy to lose oneself. A touching and heart-warming book, well worth a read.”

“I fell in love with Ruby and Oliver, they are so good for each other, but both are so filled with garbage that their families filled them with, that they can’t see what’s in front of them. And when they finally realize that diamonds don’t have a hold to what they had, they are about to lose it. The butterflies remind me of how ethereal life is and it is up to us to not waste it, but live the fullest and best we can.”

“If you like a romance of the Romeo and Juliet ‘starcrossed’ lovers kind, get this book. Mollie spins a lovely tale set in exotic climes and lifts us out of our own reality while we travel a twisting journey with Oliver and Ruby.”

Look how beautiful the cover for the print edition is.

When I first saw it, it took my breath away.

You can purchase your own beautiful paperback from Amazon. Navigate to here – 

It’s also available from all great online bookstores.

Flight of passion is a beautiful heartwarming, clean romance—no swearing, no sex…just love, with all the hurdles you have to overcome.

J.K. Rowling is right when she says, “In the end, love wins, we know it does.” You’ll learn how Ruby and Oliver, my second chance lovers, win their HEA in the end.


“Everyone is like a butterfly, they start out ugly and awkward and then morph into beautiful graceful butterflies that everyone loves.” ~ Drew Barrymore

“Metamorphosis surely isn’t a pleasant experience for the caterpillar, yet it results in the transcendent beauty of the butterfly.” ~ Anon

Do you have any favourite butterfly quotes? Do let me know—I’m collecting them.

Happy reading

Much love

P.S. Please feel free to forward this to any friends who might enjoy my books.

This was an earlier version of the cover—I thought you may like a sneak peek 🙂 I love the final version I chose, don’t you:)



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What do an x-rated life coach and a jilted wife have in common?

Date: April 15th, 2020, Posted by mollie


44-year-old Ruby Evans doesn’t want to be a ‘leftover girl.’ But finding a ‘forever’ man is proving impossible.

In love, the most dangerous enemy is saucy secrets

Suddenly single after 20 years of marriage, her husband is the only man she has ever slept with. But the one bit of security she always thought she’d hold onto for the rest of her life is brutally ripped from her.

Humiliatingly and cruelly ex-ed when her husband trades her for a younger model, Chanel Zest, a long-time friend and motivational life coach, comes to her rescue. Together they embark on a quest to reclaim and rebuild Ruby’s shattered life and begin the grueling process of dating again.

Once in a pink moon, Ruby has to play dirty…

If you enjoy romantic comedy, you’ll love Sex With Strangers.

Full of quirky humor and the promise of a happily ever after.

Sex with Strangers is a clean romantic comedy with a few spicy bits.

Lovely feedback to receive

“A playful and true view of a recently divorced woman
Every woman who has gone through a divorce after more than one-decade long marriage identifies with this story. The insecurities about going out single again, the difficulties in relating to previous friends as most of them are couples (nobody likes to be the third wheel), the feeling that you are viewed as a competitor (by a previous friend) and the list goes on. Not everyone has a supporting net as Ruby – the main character – does and even though her life coach has quite a few shortcomings about relating to people and finding love she does help Ruby to get on with her life. There are quite a few steamy parts but most of the book is written with a lot of humor and the characters are easy to get fond of. It’s a true picture of modern newly divorced women and it was fun read!”

~ Claudete Takahashi

“I absolutely enjoyed this story. I loved the storyline, I loved the characters, I loved the humor. I couldn’t put it down. The descriptions were perfect. I loved everything about this book especially the humor. It was funny, sad at times, and I loved it.”

~ Patricia Quinn

Have you read this fast, fun and frisky read yet?

To purchase on Amazon, click here>>

To purchase on iBooks, Barnes & Noble and other great bookstores, click here>>

To purchase on Kobo, click here>>

Audio (narrated by me)








Review Links:

To leave your review on Amazon, click here>>

To leave your review on iBooks, Barnes & Noble and other great bookstores, click here>>

To leave your review on Kobo, click here>>

To leave your review on Goodreads, click here>>

To follow me and leave your review on Bookbub, click here>>

Listen to the first two chapters for FREE on my YouTube channel

Sex with Strangers Chapters 1 to 2 now on YouTube at

I hope where ever you are that you feel safe, well, and doing what you love. We’ll all be back to normal again soon!


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Wishing you a blessed and happy Easter

Date: April 9th, 2020, Posted by mollie

“No one wants to read your sh*t,” my brother once said to me. For some reason, his words, and other unkind things said to me during my life, have been infecting me recently like the COVID-19 virus infecting our communities.

Then out of the blue today came a lovely card from one of my readers in Sth Africa, Margaret.

And it made me smile, and nod, and agree—yes, we shall all come out of this dreadful time so much stronger. And we shall all transcend our childhood traumas by doing things that make our heart sing. And even if nobody wants to read our books, or buy our paintings, hire us, or say a kind word to us, we can continue to do what we can do to make the world a happier, healthier and kinder place.

Yesterday I broke down and cried and cried and cried about all the suffering in the world right now. But today I am smiling. Who knows how I will feel tomorrow. As my partner, Lorenzo says, “We all have to keep remembering no two days are the same. Who knows what tomorrow may bring.

So thank you, Margaret. And thank you, dear readers, for the reviews, you leave about my books. I read every one of them. Honestly. I do:)

What I’m working on now…

Narrating audiobooks is an arduous process. It takes a long, long time. But I am persevering. I’m a third through the final edits of Sex With Strangers. Yay! It’s great fun.

I’ve also written and released two new children’s-adults books (as C.G. Ford) So many people feel anxious, fearful, and stressed right now, but there is something we can do. We can feed our soul. Which is what I did when I wrote my two new releases:

Lulu is a Black Sheep – which shares my own experience of being a black sheep in my family.

To sample on Amazon, click here>>

To sample on iBooks, Barnes & Noble and other great bookstores, click here>>

To sample on  Kobo, click here>>

Jojo Lost Her Confidence – which shares my daughter’s experience of losing her confidence and how she found it again.
I wrote this book for my daughter who messaged me in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic.

“I’ve lost my confidence a little bit,” Hannah Joy shared.

When we are stressed, anxious or overwhelmed our confidence can be one of the first things to be lost.
I made the story up on the spot to comfort her and allowed the story to speak through me as I left a message for her on WhatsApp.

Hannah Joy is nearly thirty, But confidence places no boundaries on age. I hope this story is a reminder to all of us that, no matter how old we are, what is truly ours can never be lost. Sometimes we just need help bringing back the light.

If you’ve lost your confidence, consider remembering all the things you love about yourself, or that others love about you. Write these down, and look at your list regularly.

Empower this awareness further, by recording affirmations and positive feedback in a digital app on your phone. Listen to these feel-good thoughts daily.

If you are reading Jojo Lost Her Confidence to your child, or they are listening to the audio version, encourage them to do the same.

Available in paperback, ebook, and audio (written and narrated by me!)


iBooks and other great online bookstores here>>


Both books are designed to support people who are going through life challenges including loss of income, the detonation of their careers, and rejection and abandonment by their family. As always the message is one of self-empowerment, resilience, and divine guidance.
I’m not sure what romance writing project I’ll tackle next. If you have any ideas please do let me know. I love hearing from you.


Patience is the power that rewards… 

I’m happy to report that Forever and Always has gone live on Audible. It’s hard to believe that one of the wealthiest companies in the world were too short-staffed to release this audiobook and other books earlier. But patience wins.

As with all my stories, Forever and Always, was sparked by a true event, or rather several true events.

I started to write this short story following a toxic work experience. It’s a love story—so of course, it had to have a happy ending.


Walks in our neighbourhood

I’ve always loved going for a walk in my local neighbourhood. But it’s even more beautiful and poignant now as we walk with other members of our community keeping our social distances, waving out and inquiring how we all are – breaking free of confinement for a little while, a little walk, a little

Screen Shot 2020-04-10 at 10.22.00 AM

Margaret—of course! Thank you for the lovely card and for thinking of me.

I hope wherever you are in the world you have someone to share your joy, your heart, your angst, and your healing.

Margaret is right, we shall all get out of this terrible time so much stronger.


Wishing you a blessed and happy Easter

Much love to you


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