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Counting my blessings this Christmas

Date: 4th November 2022, Posted by mollie

Hi everyone,

As we head toward Christmas, I’ve been counting my blessing. I was blessed with a mother who loved to cook and taught me to bake and how to make delicious meals. I can’t believe some people don’t even know how to prepare their own food. My grandfather grew all his own vegetables and I love to do this too. Here is my offering to them both …going into the risotto today is spinach and leek I picked from the garden today. Is the first time I’ve ever grown leeks, and it is super easy… best of all organic… no sprays.

Risotto and Leek
From the author’s garden

I was also blessed with a bee-keeping dad. So when I burnt my thumb rather badly lifting a tray out of the oven, I turned to a special jar of New Zealand honey. Which reminded me of the Christmas romance I wrote about my beekeeping heroine, Kate Millar and why she hates Christmas. Have you read, Love All of Me, yet? If not, you’re in luck.

I’ve just released a box set, The Sweet Christmas Romance Collection with my favourite Christmas-themed love stories: Love All of Me, The Italian Billionaire’s Bride and a sassy short story—all Christmas-themed Downunder:) from my heart in New Zealand to yours xxxx

View the collection and grab the purchase links here:

The Sweet Christmas Romance Collection by Mollie Mathews

Have a great week, and above all, stay sane during the build-up to Christmas !!!

love, Mollie

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