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Love In Venice and the joy of working on many projects

Date: 17th June 2022, Posted by mollie

I’m looking forward to the 2022 release of Love In Venice. It’s a beautiful love story which is very close to my heart. I’ve been to Venice many times and always loved it. The story was sparked by true events. Here’s a little about the hero and heroine of this story:

Maggie Green is a hardworking and driven lawyer and business strategy consultant. She runs a successful international practice and is constantly juggling the demands of generating income to sustain the business and meeting the demanding needs of her staff and clients. She is a workaholic and uses her work to mask her dissatisfaction with her life.

She yearns to have a romantic partner who will accept her for who she is and who will bring out the softer, romantic side of her that has been buried for so long, but the tragic memories of a past love affair with an Italian man means that she has resolved never to fall again for the foreign charms of tall, dark, handsome men, with exotic accents.

Toxic stress levels require dramatic changes in her life, and Maggie is ordered to take a career break to literally save her life. She goes to Venice to rediscover her true self and surround herself with situations that will stir her heart.

She has only just arrived when a pregnant Romanian Gypsy girl cons her and steals her belongings. She is left with only the clothes on her back and breaks down in despair. The hero, Mauro, an Italian Architect, witnesses this happening and unsuccessfully attempts to catch the gypsies. She suffers an anxiety attack and the hero, Mauro, unable to leave her in such a state of distress, reluctantly takes her back to his apartment building. He has a spare suite that is usually let out to tourists but has recently been vacated.

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The joy of working on many projects at the same time

I can relate to Danielle Steele who says she works on many projects at the same time. You can read one of many articles where she shares how she manages to be so prolific here>>. I love Danielle Steele and the way she choses to write about things that are real in people’s lives.
Last year, I released a short story about my toxic work experience. It all unravelled around Christmas which in many ways made everything feel so much worse. But life has a funny way of working out and I try my best to focus on looking for the silver-linings when the grey clouds smother. Forever and Always is a love story—so yes, it will have a happy ending.

If you’ve read my art-inspired romances you’ll know that it’s so important to use our heart as a compass and follow the invisible trail of what lights us up.

Along with writing love stories. I love to paint. Inspired by my Christmas 2021 released, Love All of Me, and the beekeeping heroine, I’ve returned to creating artworks with beeswax, pure pigment and fused with fire.

Another of my many projects I have loved, was novella “Love Me As I Am” – Book three in the Seven Sister’s series.

This story was sparked by a true event—the tragic murder of a mother and one of her daughters in a small town near where I live. I wondered how would her death affect the children she left behind. How would it affect their lives? What if something good could come from this tragedy?

So I began to write a love story. For love is the only antidote to hate. Forgiveness, the only path to healing. And purpose the gift that can come from tragedy.

As with all of my books, some of the characters and events in the story were also inspired by true events in my own life. Including, when my paternal grandmother was channeled by a psychic. She asked my disbelieving and skeptical self, “Your grandmother says you don’t believe she is here. But she is holding out a flower, and she wants to know, “Do you remember the jasmine flowers growing over the house?”

I didn’t.

But when I drove home I called into to Araby Lodge, where my grandmother used to live and where until her death, she bred and trained her beloved horses. At the time my father lived in her house. I asked him, “What is that vine growing over the house?”

I didn’t want to tell him anything about what the psychic had said because I was still skeptical and I didn’t want to influence the answer. My father said, “Oh, that old jasmine vine? That’s been there forever.”

My heart nearly leaped out of my chest. It was at that point that I began to believe in spiritual and psychic phenomena, and in time, many years later, to awaken my own gifts.

I named the story, Love Me As I Am, for isn’t that the deepest love of all. To love and be loved unconditionally—weirdness, flaws, fears, insecurities, our beautiful uniqueness…and so much more.

These introductory novellas are currently published under the series: PASSION DOWN UNDER SASSY SHORT STORIES:


Twist of Fate Margaret Review Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 5.17.42 PM


Love me Forever romance with a dream-like quality Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 4.32.39 PM

And of course, there are my standalone love stories, Love in Venice, and also Claimed By the Shiekh. I adore these stories and really want to do them justice, as I do all my stories.

If you’re new to my love stories and clean romance you may enjoy, Flight of Passion—a rapturous tale of love and obsession. Available in ebook and paperback from all excellent retailers, including Amazon here:



You’ll also love Claimed by the Sheikh. I adored my heroine, who is an innovative architect and her swoon-worthy match—the commanding Sheikh. Discover how tradgedy turns to love in this commanding love story.

Plus, if you’re still in the mood for Christmas, you’ll love, Love All of Me. Inspired by the true-events of a Christmas volcanic eruption.

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Pure New Zealand Beeswax

P.S. In 2022, I’m looking forward to the release of Love in Venice.

Here’s a little bit about the book:

Maggie Green is a hardworking and driven lawyer and business strategy consultant. She is a workaholic and uses her work to mask her dissatisfaction with her life. Facing burnout her doctor orders her to take a career break. Reluctantly she agrees and opts to go to Venice – a city sure to awaken her artistic senses and soften her hardened heart.

 The hero, Claudio Della Toffola, a handsome Italian architect, reluctantly comes to Maggie’s aid when, just after arriving, she is robbed of all her belongings. He is a man of great tradition and integrity. His mother has arranged for him to marry a woman who he has no feelings for to bring honour and increased social standing to the family.  He feels duty-bound to continue with the marriage his mother has arranged for him. Claudio also still bears the scars of an ill-fated relationship with an American woman. He appears aloof and standoffish. 

Will the beauty of Venice soften their hearts and unite their souls?

You’ll have to read to find out!

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