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Delicious Distractions

Date: 29th March 2022, Posted by mollie

Hi everyone

I hope last week was kind to you, and that, as we head into a new moon, a new month and a new change of season that the end of March is much improved. All the same SAD problems are still with us: Viruses and their variants, and the heartbreaking war in Ukraine—with no easy solutions to either of those problems. Certainly, nothing I can do to help things improve—other than hope and pray that the war ends really soon. As a mother and peacemaker, it breaks my heart.

Troubling times make delicious distractions a very welcome relief to get our minds off the problems we can do nothing about. My new story Crazy For You will come out next week. It’s a fun short book that I hope you’ll love. It’s about Liberty Lyons, a colour consultant who, on the day of her wedding vows never to get married, and Allessandro Alessi, the billionaire magnate of a global chain of luxury honeymoon hotels! When fates accidentally collide it’s one delicious distraction!

It’s set in the beautiful historical town of Russell, in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand, as far away as you can get from all the conflict and chaos going on in the world.

And I was SOOOO LIVING my recent new obsession, Yellowstone, the family saga set on a sprawling range in Montana. I binge-watched the first session and am just tucking into the second!!! I absolutely love it!! Along with writing my own books, it takes my mind off everything. If I wake up during the night I watch it instead of scrolling through the news. I’ve saved the soundtrack too, on Spotify.

So if you haven’t seen it, tune into Yellowstone and take your mind off it all!!!! Take some time out, or an evening off, you’ll be happy you did!!

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