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Father’s Day Gift and Thank you

Date: 19th June 2022, Posted by mollie

Happy Father’s Day. I have a Father’s Day free romance to celebrate all the beautiful father’s out there.

My Dad passed too young some years ago now, but he continues to inspire! As you may know, many of my books have art-related themes. But bees also have a special place in my heart. My father was a beekeeper who researched and applied the healing power of bees to the treatment of severe burns.

To celebrate his legacy, I am giving away the first three chapters of my love story, staring my heroine who survived a fatal volcano disaster and is continuing her dad’s legacy as a beekeeper. Despite the background tragedy, it’s a quick, fun and joyful read, set in the dual locations of The Bay of Islands, New Zealand and the volcanic island of Stromboli, off the coast of Sicily. I shared more of the inspiration behind the story on my blog.

Click here to download your free chapters. I hope you enjoy Love All of Me, as much as I loved writing it

P.S.Exclusive to Amazon in ebook and paperback. Today, I am sitting down to narrate the audio version!

Have you read and enjoyed Love all of Me? I would so appreciate it if you left a review





Thank you.


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