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Happy New Year from the Bay of Islands, NZ

Date: 24th June 2022, Posted by mollie

Happy New Year from the Bay of Islands, NZ. Today were are celebrating Matariki as a public holiday for the first time ever today (Friday 24 June 2022). This is a highly significant event in the world as it is the first time an indigenous cultural event has become a national holiday in any country. Matariki refers to the star cluster also known as Pleiades, or Seven Sisters, which disappears from view at the beginning of the cold months. When the stars reappear in the pre-dawn sky in the middle of winter, it signals the Māori New Year.

The brightest star in the cluster is also called Matariki – it’s said to be the mother of the other stars that surround it. The rising of Matariki is traditionally a time of transition and reflection when families get together to remember the past and prepare for the future.

I’ve been reflecting on the things that name me happy and have been flitting between a few of them:

  • Walking in nature
  • Baking (I made a lovely pear sponge)
  • Narrating my audiobook set here and in Stromboli, Sicily, Love All of Me (I only have two more chapters to narrate!)
  • Meditating
  • Loving my Buddhas ( especially my laughing ones…I changed my screen saver on my iPhone for this one)

and more…

It’s been a gorgeous day.

I hope wherever you are, the stars sparkle fairy dust for you. What are you up to?

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