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Love All of Me Free Chapter | Romance Story | Authortube

Date: 3rd December 2022, Posted by mollie

Dear friends,

I wanted to share a chapter from my Christmas romance, Love All of Me, with you. This story was inspired by the tragic events of December 2019 when the volcano on Whakaari, commonly known as White Island, in New Zealand erupted. At the time of writing, the eruption took the lives of 16 people and injured 30, most were critically hurt with life-threatening burns. 

I read about a young man (aged only nineteen) who not only was severely burned but awoke from his induced coma to learn that his entire family had died.

I wondered, what would it be like to be a survivor? What if you were wracked with survivor’s guilt?  What if your scars weren’t just on the outside but buried deep within? What if you felt you had no right to live, let alone love again? What and who would it take to heal such traumatic scars?

And what would happen if a woman who hates Christmas agreed to be Red-Hot Santa’s helper and the spark they have is hotter than a Sicilian sunset?

Here’s a little more about the story:

After surviving a horrific accident Kate Miller is plagued by guilt. Hiding both her mental and physical scars, she shuns love and escapes into work—finding meaning and purpose in running her global manuka honey empire.

Beautiful and smart, when Gianni Romano demands she sell the business to him, her passions are inflamed. How dare he think he can buy the only thing that gives her a reason to live?

Gianni Romano has ventured to New Zealand by the one thing he’d love to escape: family The Romano fortune and name has followed him wherever he goes. But that only made the headstrong Italian more determined to strike out on his own. Now he’s on the cusp of achieving world acclaim.

Only one woman stands in his way—Kate Miller and her refusal to submit to his demands. 

The spark they have flames hotter than a Sicilian sunset, but when emotions run deep and lives are on the line, will mixing business with pleasure be the bedrock for a lifelong love? Or will it all explode like an angry volcano?

Love All of Me is a true romance, brimming with the promise of a happily ever after. 

If you love feel-good, sensual contemporary romances set in beautiful love-infused settings, then you’ll love Kate and Gianni’s story!

P.S. Fans of Sarah Morgan and Danielle Steel will love this feel-good romance!

Inspired to read this sensuous love story. Grab your copy today!

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You might be interested to know that Ron Howard and Leonardo DiCaprio have produced a feature documentary about the 2019 tragedy. Netflix’s documentary about the White Island/Whakaari eruption titled The Volcano: Rescue from Whakaari. The Netflix documentary shows a number of survivors sharing their stories.

“I thought, ‘This is it. We’re going to die on our honeymoon’,” says one man.

Rescue workers also feature in the documentary, recounting their experiences of the tragic day. “I heard the call, ‘There’s people on the island and she’s erupting’,” says one man.

The Volcano: Rescue From Whakaari will be released on Netflix on 16 December 2022. 

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