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New Release! Love In Venice

Date: 20th July 2022, Posted by mollie

Love in Venice is ready to read for your enjoyment!

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Reader Reviews

I’m super happy with these early reviews for Love In Venice …read on to see why this story is super important to me…and scroll to the bottom to enjoy a fun book trailer I created.

I loved this story!

“I loved this story! Love In Venice leans toward the heart. Where love is the main character. Where you cheer for their relationship to flourish.”

~ Jan Z.

a warmly romantic story

“Love In Venice is a warmly romantic story. I loved that their hearts seemed to speak to each other almost from their first meeting. I love that we get to see how their lives unfold and their beautiful love for each other. The story has a wonderful flow and beautiful and vivid descriptions. I could envision myself in Venice – seeing the canal, the cobblestoned streets, the architecture and more.  There are family, friends, and lots of heart-to-heart moments between Maggie and Mauro.  There is sadness and tears, euphoria, romance and love.  There is also art brought in – music and painting that touched their souls and mine. There is a happily ever after that was portrayed better than I hoped.  The epilogue adds an additional layer to the story and briefly brings in characters we’ve met in other books. Ms Mathews is an author whose books I enjoy. She always transports me to someplace new with a cast of characters I grow to love.  Give her books a try if you haven’t already!”

~ JoAnne W.

What sparked this story?

This story was sparked by several of my many visits to Venice. I have always loved my time there and have so many wonderful memories. On one visit, I was lucky enough to build a friendship with a violinist and also an Italian architect who also had a wonderful antique gallery which was his hobby and his passion. I stayed in his home near San Marco in a special apartment that he kept for tourists.  

One evening I was invited to enjoy a meal with his mother. It was wonderful and so beautiful. The dining room was decorated with rich fabrics on the walls, and the tables were decorated with the finest china, silver cutlery and crystal glasses. His mother spoke no English but was so kind and gracious—we spoke with our eyes and smiles—the language of love. Love of cultures. Love of wonderful food. Love of sharing and friendship. I have never forgotten my time with them both.

I met so many wonderful people while I was in Venice and they made up for the few that were thieves. People like a beautiful waiter, a man in his late 60s, who took my friend and me to a beautiful restaurant and insisted that he pay for everything because he wanted to share the real Venice with us and he wanted nothing in return. He was a happily married man, and he was proud of his city.

Love In Venice is also especially significant to me because it was the first love story I ever tried writing. I was initially deterred from finishing it by some ‘negative’ but no doubt ‘encouraging’ feedback that this story would be better suited to mainstream fiction rather than Mills and Boon. But I was hurt. I wanted to write for Millis and Boon. The reviewers said that my characters were ‘dysfunctional’. And readers told me, “I’m dysfunctional too. I want to read about people like me.”

So this book is slightly different from some of my other romances. And as I said, I’m heartened by the reviews…especially the feedback that “this is a book about love.” Amen. Don’t we need more love? Real love.

So now, some 20 years later and with many novels now preceding the publication of this book, I wanted to finish Love in Venice, and I wanted Mauro and Maggie’s love story to be shared in the way I wanted to tell it. As always, art and architecture play a beautiful role.

Venice was and will always be in my heart. I hope this story, Love in Venice, captures this.

P.S. as always, there are artistic themes…here’s an original artwork by me, created while I was in Venice.

grand canal

Enjoy Your Copy Today!

iBooks, Barnes & Noble and other great bookstores,>>

To enjoy your copy from Kobo>>

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Love In Venice and the joy of working on many projects

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