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Montana Dreams

Date: 5th June 2023, Posted by mollie

I’ve always dreamed of writing a love story set in Montana. I know you’re going to love it!

Will opposites attract or be forced apart as they choose between life and love?

In this heartwarming love story set in the rugged wilderness of Montana, we meet Jack, a handsome and rugged cowboy who lives and breathes the cowboy lifestyle. Jack’s life takes an unexpected turn when he rescues Sarah, a talented artist with a passion for life in the city.

As Sarah recovers from her hiking accident, she can’t help but be drawn to Jack’s rugged charm and cowboy lifestyle. Jack, in turn, is intrigued by Sarah’s artistic talent and passion for life.

As they spend more time together, Jack and Sarah’s connection deepens. They go on a horseback ride through the Montana countryside, where Sarah begins to paint portraits of Jack and his horses. Jack takes Sarah to a rodeo, and she falls in love with the excitement and danger of the sport.

But as Sarah’s art career takes off, their relationship is put to the test. Jack begins to feel neglected, and wonders if he can fit into Sarah’s new life. Sarah, in turn, realizes that she must choose between her art career and her love for Jack.

Fans of Danielle Steel and Nora Roberts will enjoy this story.


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