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Date: 5th November 2019, Posted by mollie

Twist of Fate BookBrushImage-2019-10-6-18-2329

I loved, loved, loved narrating this story—it’s so close to my heart as it’s based on a nearly true story (!) and set in my home town Wellington

I’m slowly, but surely, making my way through my backlist. You check out the catalog here>>

Importantly, I want to narrate my own stories, not pass it on to a professional narrator. Why? I feel by not narrating your own stories it’s not dissimilar to hiring a ghost reader—it’s not your own work. I know everyone won’t agree, but personally, I love hearing the author’s voice. I don’t want to listen to anyone else’s voice. I want to feel up close and personal with the author. Is it just me? Let me know what you think.

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