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Why do you love audiobooks?

Date: 15th March 2020, Posted by mollie

More love, less fear

Dear Readers


Life is rough right now for so many people. The “global pandemic” has people arm-wrestling over toilet paper at WalMart, events are getting cancelled, the stock market took a hit, and here in New Zealand our government has asked many people to voluntarily self-isolate. Who knows what’s going to happen next.


Since we are all going to spend more time indoors, why not make the best of it?


It’s the perfect time to read or listen to books of heart.


Why do you love audiobooks?

Some people say audiobooks aren’t for them, however, I love being able to listen to books when I’m traveling or block out noise when irritants surround me. I also love being able to listen to people who share their stories and write and narrate their own books.

Recently I listened to Elton John‘s first and only autobiography Me in audiobook. In part, it’s narrated by him and another person. No doubt a good balance for a busy superstar.

I also have audiobooks by Danielle Steel and Nora Roberts—sadly, not narrated by them, but still good books.

I know from experience it takes a lot of time to write and edit and produce an audiobook. I narrate my own books and am steadily working through my catalogue.

Currently, I’m listening to Michelle Obama’s book Becoming Michelle. I love that it’s in her own voice —it’s really lovely to hear her. It’s very soothing  and inspiring for the soul.
I also respect that there are very many people who cannot read.

They might be dyslexic or have never been taught or learned to read. Audiobooks makes a world of wonder., knowledge, and empowerment accessible to others. People like my picture-framer, Peter who told me recently that for the first time he was accessing Victor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning.

Peter is dyslexic. He is getting so much joy from listening to Frankl’s wise words of hope, happiness, and healing.

I first read this book in paperback when it was gifted to me by a fellow student on my psychology course over a decade ago. in the book Christopher wrote


May your search for meaning always be filled with hope, love, and beauty.


Thank you for reminding me, that life truly is beautiful [even in Palmerston north!]

Dear readers, it is my wish for you that your life is also filled with hope, love, and beauty. What a wonderful way to be.

Did you know you can enjoy and be inspired by my most popular and successful books on audio? In less than 15 minutes you could be listening to your way to a new life!

Check out the following written and narrated by me:


Love Me Forever








Twist of Fate










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Audio versions of these books and the following are also available from all online bookstores and also libraries (I’m still waiting on Audible to publish the below—apparently they are still catching up on their backlog from the holidays):
Sex With Strangers

Claimed by the Sheikh

Love Me As I Am

Married By Christmas

The Italian Billionaire’s Christmas Bride

The Italian Billionaire’s Scandalous Marriage

Flight of Passion



In less than 15 minutes you could be listening to something uplifting! Whatever you do protect yourself from the Coronavirus—keep yourself safe and your immune system nourished.



P.S. if you’ve read and enjoyed my audiobooks would you be kind enough to leave a review. Thank you:)

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