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Bride of Gold and a change of season…

Date: 13th July 2017, Posted by mollie

Bride of Gold and a change of season…

Summer is here for my friends on the other side of the globe, and for us down under it’s heavenly winter. No matter what your change of season if you’re looking for the perfect books to escape into, look no further. All my eBooks will fire the flames of desire, provide the perfect escape and bring a smile to your heart.

Give in to your enthusiasms this month with my Follow Your Passion collection, with 40% off all my eBooks you’ll be up all night! Feel the burning desire in your heart with 40% off and buy now.

Navigate to my author page on Amazon,— Choose your favorites, and enjoy straightaway—in less that two hours be on your way to vicariously living a romantic life.

Email me your receipt to go in the drawer to win a signed copy of Flight of Passion.

Be quick! Sale ends 20 July!

My Fabulous Arc Readers

Life can be short and there are so many great books to read. So, I feel especially blessed to have a fabulous group of BETA and ARC readers who so generously give their time and energy – and eagles eyes – to help improve my books. I have also learned that it is so important to check, check again and then again for pesky typos prior to releasing my books.

I would love it if you would consider being an arc reader for future books – I have a romance with a Sheikh and a female architect (working title, Claimed by the Sheikh; a violinist and a stressed-out, over-worked lawyer in Venice (Working title, Love in Venice) a somewhat comedic romance about a woman too afraid to date again who hides out in online forums after her husband’s betrayal (working title, Sex With Strangers) and a suspense in the wings.

In fact, the passion for completing my suspense novel was ‘rudely’ reawakened recently by a violent trespasser who found his way to my door recently. Read more about this, and how romance saved my life, here—

I’m curious…what book-in-progress are you most excited about?
Would you love to read a beautiful love story set in New Zealand—for free, in return for an honest review?

Following feedback from reviewers, and inspired by Nora Roberts commitment to writing the stories she feels most passionate about, this is a re-engineering of The Italian Billionaire’s Scandalous Marriage. I’ve cut back on the backstory up front and made other changes. I hope you love the improvements.

What Sparked This Story Idea?

The idea for this story was sparked when I inherited a painting from my aunt—the sister that my father never knew existed. My father was abandoned by his mother into the care of a private boarding school when he was only four-years-old.

Needless to say, he grew into a very self-reliant man. When he was in his 70’s he received a letter from a woman in her 80’s telling him she was his half-sister, and requesting that they meet. They shared the same dad, but different mothers.They got along famously—but sadly she passed away a few years later, and soon afterward my father did too.

It struck me as incredibly sad that they had not met earlier. I wondered why my dad’s mother had never told him about his sister. I wondered why his father never told him either. Later, I began to notice and read similar stories of people, some famous, other’s not, who found out as adults, that the people they thought were their fathers or mothers, weren’t.

I began to think about all the secrets many families have. The lies they tell each other. And all the lost loves.

And I wondered, what if two people were attracted to each other but trust issues kept them apart? What if a painting had the power to bring them together, to shed healing light on the secrets of the past? And what if a painting had the power to rekindle lost love?

And I wondered, what would it take, in spite of fear, anger, and distrust, for a man and a woman drawn together by tragedy, to open their hearts to love. You’ll discover the answers in Bride of Gold. I hope you love this story is much as I loved writing it.
Change ahead…
I’ve asked my cover designer to refresh the image—feel free to send me piccies or suggestions of covers you think would work.

If you’d love a FREE copy of Bride of Gold (which was the title I originally chose (and yes, if you are one of the people who posted a review of The Italian Billionaire’s Scandalous Marriage, the title was, in retrospect, misleading. Now, I proudly want to claim this book as an authentically New Zealand romance. I know so many of you love New Zealand authors and our beautiful country.

central otago
Please message me your email address ( and I’ll send you a copy of Bride of Gold, book one in the Passion Down Under Series. It’s set in stunning Central Otago. Visit my FB page to see more piccies of my recent visit there.

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Mollie – Your books are a great read for anyone, like me, with a passion for art and a love of mysteries embedded in a painting. Bride of Gold is light, fun, suspenseful and full of romantic longings – everything I love in a book. I also enjoyed the New Zealand setting and learning more about this beautiful country.”

~ Lauri

Thank you all my readers who write to me through email. I treasure these messages and I read every letter that comes in. If you would like to send me a letter and possibly be my next featured reader you can email my guestbook at

Happy reading in July!

Much love

This is a photo of the view from my writing room in the glorious Bay of Islands. I feel so blessed to live and work in here—especially now ‘The Intruder” has gone! What beautiful winter light!


beautiful light winter july 2017

P.S. Please feel free to forward this to any friends who might enjoy my books.

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