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Can You Judge a Book by its Cover?

Date: 1st December 2017, Posted by mollie

Can You Judge a Book by its Cover?

Check out the stunning selection in this free giveaway….I’m so thrilled my book Flight of Passion is amongst the nominees! The cover was designed by the mega-talented Hang Le.

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Judge a Book By It's Cover Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 3.42.33 PM

What I’m working on now…

I’ve been finishing off a few non-fiction, self-empowerment projects in the last few months and very much looking forward to picking up my romance-writing pen again. I’ve set myself an aspirational goal to release the very first love story I ever attempted, Love in Venice.

I started this over ten years ago and was stalled in my tracks by some stinging feedback. As always, I’m still beset by self-doubt. But I’m determined to push through it and write for the pure joy of telling my story—just for fun. If I love it, then I hope you will too. And if you don’t, perhaps you’ll like my next book. Thinking like this helps cure the inner critic.

Last night I re-read some of the notes in my passion journal—a journal I write every year to provide focus and encouragement throughout the year—and I came across the following comment from feedback I had collated:

“Keep up your love stories Mollie, they are heart-warming and beautiful with passion for the still young at heart like me.” ~ Estella van Rhyn

I am so thankful for the comments and help so many of you have given throughout the year. You have generously given up your precious time to thoroughly proof-read my books. Even though I have had them edited by professionals somehow the pesky errors slip through and I know this ruins the story. So thank you!

And thank you to those readers who have been fabulous BETA and ARC readers—I am improving because of you.

If you are curious about my passion journalling process you may enjoy my new non-fiction book, The Passion-Driven Business Planning Journal: The Effortless Path to Manifesting Your Business and Career Goals. Only $2.99 and full of inspiration and practical tips for anyone wanting to live and work with passion.

The strategies apply not just to career but also life. I manifested my partner using a passion journal. Find out how in my new non-fiction book! Or you may enjoy my new online course, . I know you’ll love the video tutorials where I share stories and examples. 

As many of you know—I am one author with two names and genres Mollie Mathews for romantic fiction and Cassandra Gaisford for non-fiction self-empowerment), but all my works are dedicated to creating more love in the world.

Cover Reveal—Which Do You Prefer?

Version One: With Castle


Version Two: With Lavender




Would you enjoy being a BETA reader for Love In Venice?

Simply email me at and I’ll add you to my Dream Team. I anticipate having a nearly finished draft completed in the next couple of weeks.

DId you enjoy Twist of Fate?

Many of you offered to be ARC readers for my super short story, Twist of Fate. Sadly, only two reviews have been posted. If you forgot, would it be possible to post your review in the next few days?

Here’s a little bit about the story:

What if a twist of fate could change your life?

Still reeling following his unexpected divorce, billionaire Tech guru Jonathan James has returned from London to New Zealand feeling disillusioned and low in spirits. The last thing he needs when he flies home is complications.

When a baggage mix up leaves him with nothing but a suitcase full of stilettos, lush lashes, and Dolly Parton-like wigs, he goes in search of the owner. He quickly discovers that all is not as it seems as his life takes off in a hilarious and unexpected direction.

As Margaret wrote to me, in her early review, ‘”Twist of Fate” is a short story full of quirky humor and the promise of romance.”

Set in Wellington, New Zealand—the coolest little capital in the world (my old hometown).

If you love clean romance short stories with a twist of humor, you’ll enjoy “Twist of Fate”.

Available for instant download from Amazon here:

Twist of Fate - a well-written short story Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 8.04.09 AMTwist of Fate Margaret Review Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 5.17.42 PM

Featured reader of the month: Rita Kunselman

From the very beginning of my romance writing career, Rita has been an outstanding supporter. I truly am indebted to you Rita for all your constructive criticism and cheerleading.

You’ve been firm when you needed to be regarding where improvements need to be made and generous with kind words when you feel they are warranted.

Comments like the below sustain me:

Mollie –
It’s a beautiful book. You should be very proud of being able to write it. I read a lot of books, lately it’s been about one a day, and, you have a different way of writing. When you read it you can feel the passion. You put your all into it. You’re not writing to get done but, to let us know the beautiful story you have in you.

Rita K

I’m still savoring my holiday in Bali with my mother, affectionally known as “Little Joy.” Mom’s name is Joy and she is just over 5ft tall. But she is overflowing with a large love of life—despite the grief she still feels after losing her beloved Ted to cancer several years ago.

I can’t wait to finish the short story I wrote while in Bali—about a man who opens his heart to love again after the tragic loss of his wife on their honeymoon. So many books to write—so little time.

Chat soon!

Much love


P.S.  Please don’t forget to vote in the Can You Judge a Book by its Cover promo . While you’re there pick up some wonderful books to read this holiday season.

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