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Crazy for You

Date: 3rd April 2022, Posted by mollie

Crazy For You

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Colour Consultant Liberty Lyons is never getting married. Never. Ever. Ever! On the eve of her wedding, she’s called the whole thing off. But that doesn’t mean she won’t enjoy her honeymoon, especially now that she’s learnt her fraudster husband-to-be paid for the whole fancy, nothings-too-expensive-celebration with her credit card.

Just because Italian billionaire property magnate Alessandro Alessi owns a consortium of honeymoon hotels doesn’t mean he wants a wife. But when Liberty mistakes him for the bartender and orders Sex on The Beach his interest is unavoidably piqued. Liberty speaks to Alex’s rebellious side, his mystery and his modernity. She represents the perfect incarnation of his modern woman-disruptive, unapologetic, almost dangerous—yet vulnerable. Broken by betrayal and committed to singledom like he is, Alessandro discovers that it’s Liberty he really wants…exclusively.

If you enjoy strong heroines, short contemporary love stories and clean romance, Crazy For You is a book you’ll love.

Crazy For You is a short story full of quirky humour and the promise of a very happy ever after. A fun, quick read!

Set in the historic town of Russell, in The Bay of Islands, New Zealand—one of the world’s most beautiful, unspoiled, sensuous places.

Bonus excerpts from Mollie’s full-length book, Love Me As I Am.


I kept turning the pages

“Crazy For You, set in New Zealand, is a very quick read with lots of details and vivid imagery.  It’s a short contemporary romance and the story has a nice pace and flow as I kept turning the pages to see what would happen next.  This is Liberty’s story after she calls her wedding off the day before. We learn about her relationship with her ex and it sounds like she should have been running a long time ago.  
The story takes place over a couple of days.  I liked how color played into the story since she’s The Colour Girl and I loved that she called it her superpower!  She and Alessandro, the owner of the boutique hotel she’s staying at, have chemistry when they first meet at the hotel.  They hit it off and it was love at first sight.  There is a happily ever after and I loved the epilogue that gave me the closure I look for. There are excerpts from some of the author’s other books at the end and several of them I haven’t read yet. It definitely left me wanting more. I loved the cover. Ms. Mathews is an author whose books I’ve enjoyed. I look forward to reading more of her books.”

well written with vivid descriptions

Very cute short story. Liberty and Alessandro are immediately attracted to each other. Well written with vivid descriptions. A good epilogue that neatly tied everything together. I enjoyed this quick read.

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