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Happy Thanks Giving Day…

Date: 27th November 2019, Posted by mollie

What Sparks Joy?

Mollie Mathews

Happy Thanks Giving to my US friends! Sometimes it seems the world has gone mad. During dark and dull days, it’s great to have a reminder to be thankful for what we do have in our lives.

Perhaps you feel like many people and have forgotten what sparks joy. Looking back can be a great way to move forward. For example, in my FB feed, a random ‘memory’ showed up. A memory from six years ago. A moment of tremendous joy.

To complete a photography assignment, I had photographed a coaching client’s firstborn child. It truly was the golden hour! And such a special memory to capture. A once in a lifetime moment for Angela and I to treasure.

If you are lost in the toxic business of this world, if you resonate with a client who told me recently, “My demon is a busy brain,” mindful hobbies like photography, drawing, crochet, or mindful movement like yoga and chi gong can help you access that state of joy inherent in calm.

Photography is my go-to hobby. For my daughter it’s crochet. What’s yours?


Gratitude and appreciation is another fabulous and simple way to spark joy.

What are you thankful for. Today? This week? This month? This year?

I’m so thankful that I write both romance (Mollie Mathews ) and self-empowerment books (as Cassandra Gaisford) and that my daughter and I got to write a book together―How to Find Your Joy and Purpose: Four Easy Steps to Discover A Job You Want And Live the Life You Love. And more importantly, that I could help her recover from a mental health crisis by tapping into the transcendental power of joy.

I’m thankful I’ve raised a resilient, kind and compassionate daughter. A spiritual daughter who seeks to add more love and light and joy to a world in crisis. It took her own crisis to spotlight the things we felt called to change.

Oh, and I’m super thankful to the Mayor of the Far North here in The Bay of Islands and his councilors who are supporting my billboard campaign to help reduce alcohol harm over Christmas (and beyond.)

Like novelist Danielle Steel, I’m passionate about campaigning for great mental health and I know that the demon of drink is the cause of demise for so many. I’m grateful that my sobriety books, like Mind Your Drink: The Surprising Joy of Sobriety (Control Alcohol, Discover Freedom, Find Happiness and Change Your Life have resonated with and helped so many.


“This is a refreshing “come from”, as the author is very mindful of the human challenge. Society is full of followers who allow the “status quo” to keep them non-present. This book (so far) is clear to not condemn the drinker, but rather to point out the reality of what alcohol is and how it truly effects/affects us! I love wine and beer and consider myself a moderate drinker. However, my LOVE for euphoria often takes me past the benefits of taking the edge off, enjoying the nuance spectrum of wine & beer characteristics and I end up disappointed with my choice of that second or third glass. I USED TO quote Lonnie the Cat; “I read about the evils of drinking so I quit reading”. I will be sixty soon and have lived a long life of great wine, beer, and company, but it is time for full consciousness and full control of what I consume, both in drink and food. This book is beyond refreshing in how she EDUCATES US in a way THAT WE DESIRE SOBRIETY! I am going to send several people this book because I love them and want them to love themselves more


[wpvideo s6zUkBkE]


I’m thankful for my loving partner who is such an important cheerleader and supporter in my life. I’m thankful for his willingness to face his demons and seek help too.

I’m thankful for my family who supported us through some extremely challenging times.

I’m so thankful for all my clients and people who read my books for the sensational feedback they share on Amazon or with me personally. Like Tina who recently emailed me as she read How to Find Your Joy and Purpose:

“Oh my, oh my, I am so LOVING reading this latest from you and Hannah Joy. There is such wisdom in these pages. I adore the bite-size morsels of advice and especially love the self-reflection questions at the end of each section. I’m sitting here stopped in my tracks going, yes yes yes as my mind ponders the questions deeply. I read your words about finding your skillset and realise that I have spent half a lifetime looking for my sweet spot, finally finding it, but it would have been so much easier with some guidelines!

Who inspires me? YOU do. I see your evolution, and it so aligns with my own inner passions. I admire your grunt, tenacity, focus, authenticity, willingness to dive into new creative pursuits and what you even make a living from it!”

I’m so thankful I get to write beautiful love stories that remind us all of the power of love to heal the most traumatic wounds. I’m so thankful that I write about beautiful love – not bondage and brutality.

I can’t help but wonder how books and movies like Fifty Shades of Grey contribute to domestic violence and deaths such as the young British woman Grace Millane.

“The defence used expert evidence and those who knew Millane to argue it was an accidental death during consensual erotic asphyxiation.

Have young men and women lost the beauty and joy of healthy intimacy?  Has strangulation, chaining, whipping and beating become normal. Gosh, I sincerely hope not. But these are what some authors write about.

I’m so grateful to write books that change peoples’ lives.

I’m so thankful for those of you who write to me and post reviews about my books.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I’m so grateful that our replacement Nikau arrived today! How perfect, on Thanks Giving Day.

Plus, my newest book, The Little Princess Can Fly is OUT TODAY! In this book, I share the things that helped me overcome self-doubt, self-limiting beliefs, and self-sabotaging behavior (mine and others)

I’m so thrilled with the reviews for my latest full-length romance, Claimed by The Sheikh

“Wow, just wow, I can’t articulate enough how compellingly page-turning this remarkable story was. If I could give it more than 5 stars this would be it! This author has the gift & the power to make you experience her remarkable craft on a whole other level. I was drawn into the story when she shared a few chapters with me quite a while ago now & I’m beyond thrilled that she managed to finish it. I’m not one to tell the story, the blurb & other reviewers will cover that but I will concede that this magical, mystical, hauntingly beautiful story will stay with me for the longest time. Highly recommended.”

Claimed by the Sheikh was a fast-paced read that held my interest from the first page to the last. The story had a depth to the characters and strong imagery due to the author’s attention to detail. Watching two worlds collide, as well as two strong characters fight for what they each believe is right, just added another layer to the story.”

“There was very strong imagery due to the vivid descriptions of the scenery, the palace and Melanie’s drawings, which made me feel that I was there. Tariq’s rescue of endangered animals and his philanthropy was a nice addition to the story. I liked how the child, Salim, was brought into the story as well as his importance to the storyline. Ms. Mathews is fast becoming a favorite author.”

I’m especially grateful that I am healthy and happy. I hope wherever you are in the world, that you’re happy too.

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