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New Release—Bride of Gold

Date: 29th July 2017, Posted by mollie

Bride of Gold

If you love a good romance, stories with art-inspired themes and New Zealand is a place you’d love to visit, you’ll love Bride of Gold– available from Amazon here getBook.atBrideofGold.

I’m so thrilled with the wonderful reviews I’ve received for Bride of Gold, book one in the Passion Down Under Series.


The photo above is of me with some of the beautiful souls who inspired the last chapters of the book.

What Sparked This Story Idea?

The idea for this story was sparked when I inherited a painting from my aunt—the sister that my father never knew existed. My father was abandoned by his mother into the care of a private boarding school when he was only four-years-old.

Needless to say, he grew into a very self-reliant man. When he was in his 70’s he received a letter from a woman in her 80’s telling him she was his half-sister, and requesting that they meet. They shared the same dad, but different mothers.They got along famously—but sadly she passed away a few years later, and soon afterward my father did too.

It struck me as incredibly sad that they had not met earlier. I wondered why my dad’s mother had never told him about his sister. I wondered why his father never told him either. Later, I began to notice and read similar stories of people, some famous, other’s not, who found out as adults, that the people they thought were their fathers or mothers, weren’t.

I began to think about all the secrets many families have. The lies they tell each other. And all the lost loves.

And I wondered, what if two people were attracted to each other but trust issues kept them apart? What if a painting had the power to bring them together, to shed healing light on the secrets of the past? And what if a painting had the power to rekindle lost love?

And I wondered, what would it take, in spite of fear, anger, and distrust, for a man and a woman drawn together by tragedy, to open their hearts to love. You’ll discover the answers in Bride of Gold. I hope you love this story as much as I loved writing it.

Change ahead…

I’ve asked my cover designer to refresh the image—feel free to send me piccies or suggestions of covers you think would work.

I’m so proud to claim this book as an authentically New Zealand romance. I know so many of you love New Zealand authors and our beautiful country.

central otago


Dear Mollie,
What a wonderful book Bride of Gold was. I just couldn’t put it down, but glad to read it in the nights. How wonderful you have written this love story with so much passion and fighting for love and acknowledgment one can give. Thanks once again to have been able to download it and enjoy it with so much eagerness to just keep on reading. Keep up your good work in writing. Such wonderful loved filled clean romantic books. Full of passion, love, and tenderness. Words can’t describe the real way I found this book. Fantastic.

Thank you all my advance readers and to those of you who write to me through email, or post messages on my Facebook page  I treasure these messages and I read every letter that comes in. If you would like to send me a letter and possibly be my next featured reader you can email my guestbook at


Happy reading in August!

Much love

P.S. Bride of Gold– available from Amazon here—getBook.atBrideofGold or here

This is a photo of the view from my writing room in the glorious Bay of Islands. We were so blessed to be surrogate give-givers for this brood mare and to watch her give birth to the most gorgeous foals during her time here. What beautiful golden light!

P.S. Please feel free to forward this to any friends who might enjoy my books.

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