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Thank you for being you

Date: 26th November 2020, Posted by mollie

Dear friends,

Happy Thanks Giving. I love that my American readers celebrate all the things they are thankful for. We don’t do this in New Zealand—but we definitely should! There is one regular practice I do every day, though. MAGIC mornings. Meditation. Affirmation. Goals. Inspiration. Co-creation.

A daily meditation practice keeps me sane and connected to Spirit. I first learned Transcendental Meditation over 22 years ago on the 28th of February 1998. I was 33 and my daughter was 7. Following a traumatic relationship bust-up, I credit meditation with saving my life, boosting my resilience and creating joy. I love my times of stillness.

Affirmation. Today, for example, I was affirming all the wonderful experiences I have had over the years. Things like travelling to Puglia and meeting the most wonderful bookseller—a woman in her 80s who told me, “I don’t need a husband. I have a love affair with my books.” She took the photo of me (above left) in her bookstore in Bari.

Goals. I love to set long-term and short-term goals. Some I achieve on time, others I allow for divine timing. Which is why I have pushed back my release of Love All of Me. The timing is just not right for me.

I know I will get to it eventually. My book Sex With Strangers began many moons ago at a romance writer’s retreat, facilitated by Mills and Boon authors Robyn Donald and Daphne Clair. But for years it remained unfinished. The feedback from these wonderful passionate and experienced writers, and others on the writer’s retreat, was so encouraging.

“I love it!” 

“We thoroughly enjoyed it”

“You’ve got the beginnings of a really good, hip, fun book” 

“The chapter heads are just lovely” 

“It was a riot. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Great fun!” 

“I can see the movie now.” 

“When are you going to finish it?”

I decided it was time for it to air! It was finally published 10 years later!

Many of the events are inspired by true stories—both mine and others’ experiences. I’ve encountered so many people over the years who are looking for love again, and just don’t know how or where to start. 

I hope you giggle and laugh from deep in your belly as you read this story. Like I did, remembering and rewriting some of these scenes (and flashing back to events that were true.) 

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Inspiration? I’m inspired (in spirit) with so many things—even tragedies. I like to imagine how something terrible could lead to something good, something magical, something to heal the sadness.The photo on the right is the image I am using on the story about the White Island Volcano disaster that occurred in New Zealand last Christmas, Love All Of Me. Learn more about the inspiration behind the story, including my love of bees, on my blog 

BEE Inspired…

Co-Creation? I have always loved what Mother Theresa once said, “We are all pens in the hands of a writing God sending love letters to the world.” My books are always co-created with God.

As you know, reading (and writing) romance is the ultimate feel-good distraction. My ideas start with a character or an event, either a theme that intrigues me or sometimes a news event that captures me. The idea for The Italian Billionaire’s Christmas Bride was sparked when I read about a very successful Italian fashion-tycoon who said, ‘My biggest regret is that I gave my life to my job.’ It struck me as very, very sad. Add to this, a childhood of abandonment and never being hugged! What sort of women could possibly thaw his hardened heart? Find out in The Italian Billionaire’s Christmas Bride.

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KOBO (and libraries)

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