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Upcoming July Releases

Date: 29th June 2019, Posted by mollie

Three Weeks, Three Fun and Tender New Books

Hi everyone, I hope you are well. There have been a few health challenges in my family, but I’m hoping (and praying) everyone will be recovered soon.

I’ve taken time out to care for those closest to me and now I plan to play catch up!

Watch this space for more information on my three new books from my Passion Down Under Sassy Short Stories collection.

Next week we’ll kick off with Love me As I Am

Kiri Love had no need for friendships. She had no time for distraction. She is in her final year of medical studies by the grace of God to do a job—and a darned good one.

Her mom had scrimped and saved every last dollar she earned and worked three jobs to pay for Kiri’s education and Kiri was determined to make her proud. She would be the first person in her family to receive a degree and achieve her ambition of being a doctor.

But when her mother is murdered she sacrifices her ambitions and travels back to the tiny Far North town which had created so much pain.

With three sisters under nine to feed, she’ll do whatever it takes to provide them with the security they need—even if it means groveling to Benotti Zegna, billionaire jeweler to the stars.

Benotti Zegna has a heart of gold but a failed marriage has left him cold. His hands are full running his global empire,  plus being a millionaire-dad to his young and motherless daughter.

He can spot a diamond in the rough and while alarm-bells warn him to watch his heart, intuition tells him that Kiri Love will make the perfect nanny.

The role he offers is a far cry from her the life she’d hope to lead, but Kiri quickly discovers the power of family and sacrifice to heal the deepest of wounds.

Have you read the newest release in this series: Forever and Always?

Will Lily and Leonardo end up giving their hearts to the wrong person?

Still reeling following her malicious sacking, family therapist Lily Rose is feeling rejected and low in spirits. Even worse, she’s broke. The last thing she needs is more money woes. Which is exactly what happens when she collides with billionaire water magnate Leonardo Ermenegildo Bressolini’s mint-condition Lamborghini.

Having found a place to retreat from the madness and greed and malevolence of his ex-wife the last thing Leonardo wants is complications. But he is a man in need of a housekeeper. And Lily Rose owes him. Big time.

What they both don’t know is just what a massive impact the crash will have on their lives. Sparks heat into a collision of powerful forces that can’t be dampened.

Spontaneous love on the beach sends deep passions and emotional connection—more heartfelt than either has ever known—steaming to the surface.

When Leonardo’s past comes careering into his future—will both Lily and Lorenzo end up giving their hearts to the wrong person?

Forever and Always is a short story, clean romance, full of quirky humor and the promise of a happily ever after.

Set in The Bay of Islands, New Zealand—my home—one of the most beautiful, unspoiled, sensuous places in the world.

Forever and Always is part of my bestselling series, Passion Down Under Sassy Short Stories It can easily be read as a stand-alone story, but you’ll love reading the other books, too.

Reader Reviews

“Lily’s Day from Hell could not get worse after she loses her job and doesn’t know how she will pay her rent. She is forced to walk away from the children she was counseling as a therapist. But it does get worse when she runs into a Lamborghini driven by a billionaire. How can she possibly pay for the damages now? And yet sometimes your worst day turns into your best day when fate hands you a handsome Italian man and a new job.”

“The worst day of her life becomes even worse. Lily not only loses her job but ends up running into a Lamborghini and she has no hope for paying off the damage. Leonardo, on the other hand, has had his fill of selfish women, but being rear-ended by the therapist that had previously attracted his attention, makes him stop a moment and consider ways in which to bring her into his orbit. This sweet and short romance touches the heart and makes one smile.”

“I enjoyed Forever and Always—a story about two wounded people that come together in a crash. I very much enjoy Mollie Mathews writing. When she writes I feel like I’m right there because of the colorful descriptions that she paints.”



Enjoy the first three chapters from my most popular books:

Married by Christmas—animosity and undeniable attraction, make the tension soar

Flight of Passion—a rapturous tale of love and obsession

And my upcoming July release Claimed by The Sheikh—discover the secret the world was never meant to know.

But wait—there’s more. Purchase Forever and Always and Receive the first book in the Passion Down Under Sassy Short Stories, Twist of Fate, Absolutely FREE!

Twist of Fate is a short story full of quirky humor and the promise of romance. Jonathan has returned home feeling disillusioned and low in spirits. When a baggage mix up leads him to a potential cross-dresser, the story takes off in a hilarious direction. However, all is not as it seems and Jonathan finds that the future isn’t as dismal as he initially thought. This is a delightful, well-written short story that had me laughing out loud.”

~ Margaret


The inspiration behind Forever and Always!

Last year, my partner Lorenzo shouted me a glorious weekend at the exclusive resort Donkey Bay  (you absolutely have to check it out!!!

While we were there we were greeted by Amelia. She shared her inspiring story of escaping a rat-race existence and finding a dream job as a housekeeper.

My creative brain jumped with joy and my imagination soared. What if, I wondered, the dream job also came with a dream lover?!

When I experienced my own toxic work situtation it seemed like a perfect marriage to bring this fictional story into being.

As I write this post, Amelia just emailed me a beautiful photo….I’d love to include it in my cover. What do you think?

Curl up with romance and savor these delicious clean, sweet and tender love stories.

Book One: Twist of Fate

Book Two: Love Me Forever

Book Three: Forever and Always

Book Four: Love Me as I Am—coming soon!


You can grab the first two books as a boxset available from Amazon here—

Or grab the first book, Twist of Fate and other sweet romances for FREE in this summer giveaway, click here to grab all these treats.



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