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What amuses me…and an excerpt from Claimed by The Sheikh

Date: 20th August 2020, Posted by mollie

Dear friends,

I thought you may enjoy a sneak peek into my writing muse – Gerard. Check out the video to learn more. Plus scroll further for a little excerpt from my current WIP, Claimed By The Sheikh, due for release, November 2019.

[wpvideo d6eTduvu]

“The group of cheetahs and 20 or so giraffes that inhabit Avana definitely raise eyebrows. And a few questions. The Sheikh’s time spent in eastern and southern Africa in his early 20s can account for the abundance of exotic animals that now reside on the island—after all, what do you buy a sheik who has everything? A tower of giraffes, of course,” Matt laughed.

“How on earth did they all arrive?” Melanie arrived.

“Some came to the island by boat or plane, but many of them were given to the Sheikh as gifts, by people who either admired his cause or wanted to cultivate his favor,” explained Matt.  “Tariq decided he wanted to do something to bring more kindness into the world—to show that there are people who care about animals and doing something to protect those most vulnerable. He wanted to dispel the myth that all Sheiks do is buy gold cars and spend a filthy amount of money on themselves. Tariq’s not like that.”

“So he decided to share his vision with the world and open up the island to the public?” Melanie asked, noticing with concern the way her voice trembled as she spoke. She didn’t understand why but hearing about Tariq’s magnificent kindness sent crazy rivulets of joy, fast-moving electric currents of energy, race through her.

“Yes—he doesn’t usually let people into his sanctuary. You’re the first. You must be very special to him.”

Special? Tariq hadn’t given any indication that he thought she was in the least bit special, but the mere suggestion cause her heart to beat erratically.

“Conservation remains a priority for all on the island, and the wildlife has continued to flourish over the years,” Matt said, unaware of the tumultuous feelings his disclosure ignited every time she heard of Tariq’s activism.

“Avana is now home to hundreds of species of native and exotic wildlife, many of which are critically endangered. They range from small Ethiopian hedgehogs to soaring reticulated giraffes; a few predators, including a pack of hyenas, and hundreds of migratory birds that nest on the island throughout the year. The island’s captive breeding program releases a number of animals to roam free in the wild again, giving vulnerable species a chance to rebound in their natural habitat.”

Melanie thoughts drifted to their son. By wanting to prise Salim away from his ancestral environment was she hindering his ability to rebound from the accident? Was she selfishly depriving Salim of his natural habitat, his culture, his people?

Was she going to make a terrible mistake?

Claimed By The Sheikh, Book One in THE SHEIKHS UNTAMED BRIDES series Coming Soon


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