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When their world crashes, will their love meet the test?

Date: 14th August 2019, Posted by mollie

New Release! The Lightkeeper’s Lover

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Dear readers,

I am so excited about my new release and to share the inspiration behind this new short story.

It’s a lot different in style and tone than my other books, but I do like to experiment. The story was inspired by my own experiences. And, as you’ll read in the final scene, I really did paint a lighthouse in a type of cathartic art therapy.

I’ve always believed in the power of creativity and art to heal and I’ve included this as a theme in this story. You might say The Lightkeeper’s Lover has more of a magical realism tone, and some readers have described it as ‘poetic’ but, I’ll let you decide.

The Lightkeeper’s Lover is a short story, and like all my short stories and full-length romances it contains the theme of heartbreak, family, destiny and the power of love to heal.

I hope you love the story. Here’s a little bit about it.



When their world crashes,
will their love meet the test?

A woman who flees from love and a man who can’t keep it.

These two lonely people couldn’t picture a life where love ever stayed. A legacy of painful secrets and wounds unspoken.

Set in New Zealand, The Lightkeeper’s Lover is a beautifully moving story of love, loss and betrayal, and what we have to do to heal our hearts.

A delightful mystical romance with a dream-like quality that weaves fantasy and myth into everyday life. If you enjoy clean and wholesome romances and love stories with a touch of magic and fantasy and with that so important happy ending, you’ll love this powerful new love story.

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Advance Reader Reviews

This is not my normal genre but you made the lighthouse come alive. The Lightkeeper’s Lover was an enjoyable and quick read that drew me in from the first page to the last.  The lighthouse took on human characteristics or personification and was almost poetic in his thoughts.  When Lucy was on the cliff near the lighthouse, she was in so much despair and was hurt and angry when not offered shelter.  The epilogue was a surprise and was unexpected but welcomed since it fleshed out the story.

JoAnne W.

“The Lightkeeper’s Lover has a lovely mystical, poetic feel about it, with deep longings being experienced by the characters.”

“It was beautifully written and your language and imagery, exquisite! “



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As I’ve shared, the beginning of The Lightkeeper’s Lover is different in style from my other love stories. Some people loved the beginning best, some loved the end, and other’s the whole thing. There’s something for everyone in this story.

If magical realism and a more literary, poetic style is not your thing, read to the epilogue at the end. You’ll meet art therapist Issy and her billionaire husband Max again (Married by Christmas) and gain a sneak peek into the next book in my upcoming Sheikh series.

As a special bonus, I’ve also included three chapters from my full-length book, Married by Christmas, and advance chapters from my full-length book, Claimed by the Sheikh, due for release in 2019. You’ll meet some of the hero’s friends and learn more about his royal lineage.



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