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Why birthdays are fabulous

Date: 30th September 2019, Posted by mollie


Fifty, Sixty, Seventy…and more! Isn’t it fabulous to be alive!

Thank you for your birthday wishes, everyone. I had such a lovely day and was spoiled fabulously. Plus, I found time to do what I love – narrate one of my most popular books, Married by Christmas. Isn’t it wonderful when you love what you do? I feel so blessed.

I love being an author. It means I can do what I love forever! Thank you to you!


What I’m working on now…

I am hoping and praying and persisting in the desire to finished creating and narrating the audiobook version of Married by Christmas. I never imagined recording would be so much fun. It’s hard work too. Did you know it can take a week or more to go from start to finish? I didn’t. But I sure do now!

In between narrating, I’ve been painting. I’m so happy to be donating two pieces to the Hospice who are having an art auction to raise funds. It was a thrill to see my flower painting, ‘blossom’ on the cover! I  hope they make loads of money. It’s such an important charity to support.

bloom o hospice cover
Mollie Writing is an opiate for me. Even when I begin to feel sad, when I write I am transported to a happier realm

I love writing stories that weave in the power of art to heal even the most wounded heart. If you’d like to learn more about the inspiration behind Married by Christmas, also released as The Italian Billionaire’s Christmas Bride, you’ll find it on my blog >>

The idea for this story was sparked when I read about a very successful Italian fashion-tycoon who said, ‘My biggest regret is that I gave my life to my job.’ It struck me as very, very sad.

I wondered why he had chosen to live his life this way. Despite all his wealth, all his mansions around the world, and all the ‘fans’ who adored him for the identity he had carefully cultivated, he loved no one and no one loved him back for who he truly was.


Featured reader of the month

I’m so excited that Walnut Block Cottages are ordering copies of Love Me Forever for their quests to enjoy. The story was inspired by a true event…and when you read the book you will discover that I really did plant a little wish beneath the Walnut Tree that my sister would conceive again after the stillbirth of her son.

Thank you for your beautiful space of tranquility and for writing back to me:)

I’ve finished narrating the audiobook, and hope it is available everywhere soon.

Much love to you all



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