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The Sweet Christmas Romance Collection…

Date: 16th October 2023, Posted by mollie

The Sweet Christmas Romance Collection contains three of my most popular love stories set in captivatingly beautiful locations—including Fiji, and The Bay of Islands, New Zealand.

If you adore beautifully written stories and truly heartwarming sweet romances, you’ll love travelling along the road to love with these changing and evolving men and women as they open their heart’s again and find true love.

The books included in this bundle are:

1. The Italian Billionaire’s Christmas Bride

What if the person who is so, so, so wrong for you is really so, so, so right, but you’re too afraid to give love a chance?

Last Christmas, art therapist Issy Riley was jilted by her fiancé. This Christmas, she’s running away. A week with a client on his private Fijian island promises to save her from cheating men and the London festive season. But when the client turns out to be a gorgeous and magnetic Italian billionaire, he threatens her resolve never again to trust her heart to the wrong man.

As the tropical heat soars, they discover that in this battle between work and play, resistance only fuels attraction—and sometimes, two wrongs make a very passionate right.

2. Love All of Me

Gianni Romano has ventured to New Zealand by the one thing he’d love to escape: family. The Romano fortune and name have followed him wherever he goes. But that only made the headstrong Italian more determined to strike out on his own. Now he’s on the cusp of achieving world acclaim.

Only one woman stands in his way—Kate Miller and her refusal to submit to his demands. The spark they have is more than a Sicilian sunset, but when emotions run deep, and lives are on the line, will mixing business with pleasure be the bedrock for a lifelong love? Or will it all explode like an angry volcano?

3. Forever and Always (Passion Down Under Sassy Short Story)

Still reeling following her malicious sacking, family therapist Lily Rose is feeling rejected and low in spirits. Even worse, she’s broke. Two weeks before Christmas, the last thing she needs is more money woes. This is exactly what happens when she collides with billionaire water magnate Leonardo Ermenegildo Bressolini’s mint-condition Lamborghini.

“Another heart-wrenching yet heart-healing story from this gifted author…Loved the push & pull between the main protagonists. They both had horrific experiences & whilst she had physical scars & grieved the loss of her family with a heavy dose of self-blame, his were buried much deeper & yet he revealed everything. Loved her almost human mutt & the detailed well-written story that had a lot of angst but underpinning all the drama, the harsh words. they were so sexually connected that they could have put the stars to shame. Highly recommended.”

“I recommend reading this phenomenal romance that will set you on fire; this author is extraordinary and knows how to captivate her reader’s hearts and attention with passion.”

The Sweet Christmas Romance Collection 3 Book-Bundle Box Set is a sensuous read with healthy doses of escapism

Buy this box set through the links below…

To enjoy your copy in ebook or paperback from Amazon and Apple, click here: 

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The audio version is also available from other online retailers and libraries for your listening pleasure.

Coming soon!

When I was six, I dreamed of being a writer and an artist. I wrote poems and short stories and submitted them to the Sunday Star Times, which was published in the children’s section.

The quote above features a close-up of one of my new paintings, Love is a Bed of Roses. It was inspired by a beautiful Italian book of flower paintings I purchased in Puglia, Italy. Roses have always been dear to my heart. My mum adored roses and grew many beautifully perfumed varieties, and for her funeral, she specifically requested that Bette Midler’s The Rose be played.

I love combining art and writing in my books…both add to the beauty and healing of the romance. 
The Italian Billionaire’s Christmas Bride, the first book in the Sweet Christmas Romance Collection, features a playful art therapist. I loved creating Issy and partnering her with Massimilliano (Max)—a sexy, jaded Italian multi-billionaire.

“What happens when a burned-out billionaire fashion designer gets matched with an art therapist? We find out with Max and Issy. Type A Max meets an intense, heart-hardened Issy, and the fun begins. Max is so worn out that he can’t design well anymore. Issy has been burned too many times in the romance department. There is heat (lots of heat) that gets tamped down most of the time. But I really have trouble putting the book down. I want to see where the story goes next. I enjoyed the twists and turns as they came to terms with their care for each other. I love the setting in Fiji and learned more about the beautiful islands and the people’s culture. I really loved it. “

Have a great week, full of fun moments and happy days,

love, Mollie

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