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Working doing what I love

Date: 26th September 2023, Posted by mollie

Hi my loves,

I hope that all is going well for you, with peaceful times, not stressful ones. And time to do things you love. True confessions: one of my weak spots is that I always make time for “fun”. I’m trying to balance that with a stronger work ethic doing what I love. I love to have a good time but I’m not good at just relaxing, doing nothing, and just chilling. I have to really make a point of taking time off, and don’t do it often enough!!! I guess, that’s because I love what I do and it makes me happy. So, that can’t be a bad thing can it!

In line with that, I’ve been working on 3 different books, editing and writing the first and last drafts, with a fourth one in my head that I will begin soon. I haven’t mastered the art of outlining as I prefer to flow with my inspiration—professionals call this, ‘being a panster.’

I’ve decided to stretch myself and outline more so that I don’t get stuck in the middle and wonder how to get around the blocks of plot or characterisation. It always works out—it just takes me longer and I know my readers want to see more of my books. Sooner.

It’s a major juggling act, and I have done nothing but write for the last month or so, with another month of it up ahead. Over Autumn and Winter I was more in the mood for painting. Which might seem odd as you’d think artists would love to paint in the warmer weather.

This is one of my favourite writing spots. I nestle in my beanbag and stretch my feet outside into the warm spring air.

I plan to take a couple of weeks off, before I start another book. The only time I am good about taking time off is if I am travelling.

I find it easier to work hard in the warm summer months, with sunny weather, I’m happy to stay home and write. Once the weather cools down again, it will be more tempting to go to the studio and play!!!

I hope that things are going well for you. And that you’re taking time out to have some fun!!! Have a great week!!!

love, Mollie

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